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You can configure greylisting for either:

Domain Greylisting

  1. Go to the Mail Info menu and select a domain from the drop-down list.
  2. Click the Edit icon next to the Grey List Manager field.
  3. On the page that appears, set the following greylisting parameters:
    • GL_MIN_REJECT: Minutes to wait after the first delivery attempt. Range: 1-60 minutes. Default value: 5 minutes.
    • GL_MAX_WAIT: Days after the first delivery when subsequent delivery attempts will not be accepted. Range: 1-30 days. Default value: 1 day.
    • GL_ACCEPT_GOOD: Days to pass after successful delivery when mail with the same IP/sender/recipient combination can be accepted. Cannot be less than GL_MAX_WAIT. Range: 1-30 days. Default value: 3 days.

      If you wish to reset your changes, click Restore Defaults.

  4. To apply these settings to antispam settings for all mail resourses, click the Set button. Note that this will override individual greylisting settings for mail resources.
  5. Click Submit to apply changes.

Mailbox Greylisting

  1. On the Mail Manager page for a mail domain, find and click a required mail resource from the E-Mail list.
  2. In the Edit E-Mail form, make sure the Grey List box is checked. Click Submit to return to Mail Manager.
  3. The Grey List Edit icon will appear next to the mail resource under the Resource Included column. Click this icon and configure the greylisting parameters as described above.
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