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Spring cleaning your account

Key points

Deleting unused mailboxes, databases, domains

If you are no longer using email accounts, databases and domains then it is a good idea to remove them – Live mailboxes will still receive email and slowly fill your mail box quota. It is also good practice to remove unused databases and any unused Domains to keep track rather than a huge list of unused services.

Removing mail boxes

Removing domains

Removing databases

Another good reason to delete databases – If you have added extra database to your quota, you will save money and get a pro-rated refund back to your account.

Cleaning up FTP folders/Users

It is always good to remove old files and folders – Keeping clean and organised is simplicity. It is also essential to being able to manage a site easily.

It is pretty simple to delete files in FTP, just press your delete button on the keyboard on the file or folder you wish to delete.

We recommend removing WordPress themes that may no longer be in use, just go to wp-content/themes for a list of themes – Make sure you do not delete any themes you still want.

Any old files or folders should also be cleaned up, so take your time to go through everything and see what can be deleted.

Also removing any sub ftp users that may of been added for developers as these could cause a security risk

Updating passwords

It is always good to update and periodically change passwords for good security. Do not forget to make sure they use characters and numbers and make sure they are securely saved.

A password generator tool can be found here: https://www.pipeten.com/password/

Checking for software updates & disabling unused themes / plugins

Try to always check your scripts for updates – We have seen numerous exploits relating to out of date scripts. It is always ideal to update your scripts, WordPress normally has a tool which will make it simple to update for you.

Like said in deleting files / folders, disable unused themes and delete them if you think you will never use them, save the space! And don’t forget to disable any plugins you don’t use, feel free to delete them (You can always re-upload them if you want them again)

Taking fresh backups

Backup, backup and backup is the golden rule for web hosting or anything IT related for that matter. It is essential to backup your site regularly, you never know what can happen.

Even if you have our backup services, we still recommend taking a local backup as well.

Checking your card and payment details

We always recommend updating / checking your payment information on file – Ensure your card is always up to date otherwise things may fail to renew such as domains and hosting accounts.

If it is not up to date then your domain could expire and go down until you get in touch to resolve it.

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