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Connecting to a MySQL Database

This guide assumes you have already created a MySQL database and associated privileged user within the hosting control panel.


MySQL command line tool


    1. Open HeidiSQL and select new in the bottom left.

    1. Add the connection information.

For the hostname use mysql.pipeten.co.uk

For the user enter your database username

For the password enter your database password

Leave everything else default as shown below

    1. Click open and you should have connected. If not please check the credentials you are connecting with.

SSH/MySQL command line

    1. Open a command line and enter the following command:

Make sure to change your database username!

When prompted enter your database password

mysql -h mysql.pipeten.co.uk -u Database_username -p
  1. Thats it! You can now select your database by typing use dbname; and execute queries.
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