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Web Server Email Relay (webform/dwebform)

In each hosting facility, Pipe Ten provides a default SMTP relay service for outbound mail from web and other non-email servers. The use of these relays allows for email services to be kept separate to other critical services to ensure timely delivery and outbound anti-spam enforcement.

What to Use:

For website generated emails (welcome letters, order information, administrative notifications and such) and low volume occasional mass mailing (updates to membership, in accordance with mass mail policy) it is recommend you use one of the following webform servers:

Sheffield = webform.pipeten.co.uk
Derby = dwebform.pipeten.co.uk

Port = 25 (default for SMTP)
Username : NotRequired
Password : NotRequired

For heavier usage and mass mailings, please consult our mass mail policy and our mass mailing services.

Most applications and languages will not require specific email relay configuration and will already have the correct defaults loaded.

Read further information if unsure about your website/script/servers locality.

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