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The importance of using hostnames

It’s important that all customers accessing database or other shared services use the hostname for the service they are connecting to and not a local hostname or IP address.

This means customers accessing our shared MsSQL service should be using the hostname ‘mssql.pipeten.co.uk’, shared MySQL service using hostname ‘mysql.pipeten.co.uk’ and server names in FTP using the hostnames ‘webL.pipeten.co.uk’ (where L is the number of the Linux web server) or ‘winW.pipeten.co.uk’ (where W is the number of the Windows web server).

Customers should also not use any local hostname such as ‘localhost’ or IP addressing such as ‘’ or 213.143.x.x’. Our shared services are under constant improvement which can require changes in which machine a service is located upon or the IP address to which the hostname resolves. By using only the correct hostname customers can avoid having issues when these changes are made.

If you are unsure of the hostname for any service please contact the support team using the usual methods.

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