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Billing Profile

A billing profile is a set of billing details such as credit card information and/or billing info (first and last name, company, address, phone, e-mail, etc.) It is required to collect payments and to contact you on financial or related matters. You can have several billing profiles and use them in turn, activating the one you would like to be charged.
You can share one billing profile between your accounts, if you have more than one. This means you can pay with one card / receive bills at one address for all your accounts. Settings are configured individually for each billing profile.

To create a billing profile:

1. Click on Billing > Billing Profile.

2. On the page you will be taken to, choose from the available type of payment for your new billing profile in the Edit Billing Profile drop-down box and click the Edit button next to it:

  • Edit Billing Profile: After the edit, the old data will be preserved in an old billing profile.
  • Receive the invoice by e-mail?: With this option ON, you will receive invoices that will inform you of accruals, charges and your current balance status.
  • Change Billing Profile: If you activate an alternative billing profile, the current one becomes deactivated.
  • Delete Billing Profile: Permanently delete the billing profile you don’t need any more.
  • Plan: You can switch plan, if necessary.
  • Billing Period: The rate at which you pay for your hosting account can be set here.

3. Upon clicking Edit, you’ll be sent to the page shown below where you will need to fill in your billing information and click Add.


4. If you’re wishing to add a new credit/debit card to your Credit Card (CC) Billing Profile after creating one, you will need to follow our guide on how to do this.

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