Account Cancellation

Cancel your web hosting account

We are sorry to see you go!

Before you cancel your account, please ensure you have fully backed up all your data and any invoices you may need as it will not be retrievable once your account has been closed.

To cancel your account please create a authenticated support ticket with the following contents:

Subject: Account Cancellation Request

Account Username: <see 1 below for instruction>

Account System: <see 2 below for instruction>

Requested Cancellation Date: <see 3 below for instruction>

Reason for Cancellation: <see 4 below for instruction>

1 Account Username, is typically in the format “someusername” but may also be “some@email.address”. (In the rare circumstance where multiple accounts share the same username, please provide the unique identifier / account ID associated with the specific account to be closed).
2 Account System, is typically one of Hosting, Domains, WHM, Mail, all or a similar description of what the account was being used for. (This helps the support team identify and ensure the correct account is to be closed).
3 Requested Cancellation Date, is the date you would be happy/prefer for the account to be closed. A “Confirmed Cancellation Date” will be provided to you within a ticket response. The account cancellation will be scheduled to occur within business hours and typically before your next renewal.
4 Reason for Cancellation, is an opportunity to provide feedback or further information to help us improve the service or identify your request.

By submitting a ticket with the above content you agree to all of the following:

(a) You have taken a backup of all account data prior to requesting cancellation.

(b) This will remove the account and delete ALL associated data related to it from 00:01 on confirmed date.

(c) The account can not be cancelled if there is an outstanding balance on it.

(d) Accounts requested (or contractually required) to be closed after the next billing period, shall be liable to further billing.

(e) That no cash refunds are available for any unused credit that may remain on my account as per the agreed Terms of Service.

(f) Only requests submitted through an authenticated support ticket, receiving both ticket system ID and human reply confirming the request; shall be considered to be a valid cancellation request to be processed.

(g) Where you take services spanning multiple accounts and brands (for example hosting in, domains or email in, SSL certificates in, etc), then for security and compliance a cancellation MUST be raised for EACH account separately.

(h) It is the customers responsibility to ensure any recurring PayPal subscriptions are also cancelled.