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Microsoft Software Licensing

Pipe Ten Hosting Ltd is approved to supply Microsoft licensing under SPLA (Service Providers Licensing Agreement) for its customers on a monthly recurring basis.

Microsoft Pricing Subject To Change

Pipe Ten adds a margin of approximately 15% to Microsoft provided GBP pricing for administrative overhead and small fluctuations.
Changes in Microsoft pricing may be made with no or little notice typically twice per year (January and June). When Microsoft changes its prices to Pipe Ten then Pipe Ten will reflect these prices in its costs.

Self Licensing

Customers may provide their own Microsoft licensing on self managed or bespoke servers. Pipe Ten reserves the right to verify the authenticity of any licenses provided. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their usage of the software is in line with Microsoft’s terms of use at all times.*

Windows Server Licensing

SKUVersionProduct NameLicensedMonthly/LicenseMonthly/Server
9EM-005622016,2019Windows Server Standardper 2 Core, min 8 Core£ 5.50£ 22
9EA-000392016,2019Windows Server Data Centerper 2 Core, min 8 Core£ 38£ 152

SQL Server Licensing

SKUVersionProduct NameLicensedMonthly/LicenseMin/Server
TFA-005232014,2016,2017,2019SQL Server Webper 2 Cores, min 4 Cores£ 11£ 22
7NQ-003022014,2016,2017,2019SQL Server Standardper 2 Cores, min 4 Cores£ 179£ 358
7JQ-003412014,2016,2017,2019SQL Server Enterpriseper 2 Cores, min 4 Cores£ 695£ 1390

Microsoft Lifecycle

VersionEnd of Life
Windows Server 2008 R214/01/2020
Windows Server 201210/10/2023
Windows Server 2012 R210/10/2023
Windows Server 201611/01/2027
Windows Server 201909/01/2029
Windows Server 202214/10/2031
SQL Server 2008 R209/07/2019
SQL Server 201212/07/2022
SQL Server 201409/07/2024
SQL Server 201614/07/2026
SQL Server 201712/10/2027
SQL Server 201901/08/2030
SQL Server 202211/01/2033

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