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Data Destruction Policy

When Pipe Ten or its customers’ data is no longer required, the policy within outlines how it is securely wiped or otherwise disposed of.

This policy applies to all Pipe Ten Hosting Ltd or customer data, where Pipe Ten has ultimate responsibility for the secure disposal of the data.

Except in the case of physical device failure, all data is wiped prior to leaving secure areas and then handled in accordance with the hardware policy.

Shared and Logical Deletion

Where the customer data resides in logical storage shared with other customer data, a simple deletion of the account and data within occurs. Any physical devices formerly used for this purpose shall be processed as dedicated storage during decommissioning.

Dedicated Storage Deletion

Where the customer data resides in storage dedicated to the customer, a secure wipe of the medium occurs prior to leaving any secure area.

Secure Wipe Process

The standard operating procedure is to wipe all physical drives to ADISA DIAL Level 2 Assurance Level 4, prior to the device leaving any secure area and considerations for its recycling or re-use in accordance with the hardware policy.

Customers with high-assurance requirements will be provided with certification of wipe to these standards and given an opportunity to opt out of any hardware re-use.

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