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Bulk Mail Service


The shared mass mailing service consists of a private mailbox on a shared mail server which is dedicated and optimised to the task of high volume mass mailing. The service allows for the sending of high volume mailings without any potential load or reputation impact to Pipe Ten’s non mass mailing shared email services.


The mass mailing service will be configured and deployed as follows:

1.1. DNS records will be configured for ‘mailer.yourdomain.ext’ to be pointed to the appropriate mailing server, if your DNS is managed externally we can provide instructions and assistance.
1.2. Authentication/Login details for 1 x 10GB POP3/IMAP/SMTP will be provided, by default with username: newsletter@mailer.yourdomain.ext and with secured password.
1.3. Spam reports sent from your mailbox will be reported to your mailbox for your use.


The mass mailing service can be used in the following ways:

2.1. Use within the mass-mailer webmail service at http://mailer.pipeten.co.uk/mail/
2.2. Use within your local email client for the sending and receipt of emails.
2.3. Use within any local or remote mass-mailer software for the sending and receipt of emails.

The mass mailing service must not be used in the following ways:

2.4. For the sending of SPAM or UCE as defined within our Mass Mail Policy (MMP).
2.5. For critical business emails, or situations where guaranteed or timely delivery is required.
2.6. For the sending of emails associated with any domain name or mailbox other than that supplied for your use by Pipe Ten (you must send as newsletter@mailer.yourdomain.ext).

The following service restrictions exist:

2.7. Minimal* volume restrictions
2.8. Minimal* rate limiting restrictions Minimal

* is defined as meaning anything non-abusive, as in it does not impact or hinder on service stability or availability. The service is by design made to handle large mail volumes, but ultimately there is still a finite amount of resources and if you send 1000’s per second you may experience slow downs.


All Pipe Ten standard Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Terms of Service (TOS) apply, including a less restrictive interpretation of the Mass Mail Policy (MMP).
Clarifications regarding service delivery:

3.1. Backups are performed as defined in the Default Backup Policy (configuration backup is performed but mailbox data is not included).
3.2. In the event of hardware failure and disaster recovery, empty accounts/logins will be restored without data.
3.3. Spam reports received must be processed in a timely fashion, failure to-do so will result in service suspension.
3.4. In the event of poor IP reputation or blacklisting Pipe Ten will mitigate the problem by changing the outbound IP address and suspending the service of any user found to have caused the blacklisting.
3.5. In the event of spam being sent as result of insecurity on the part of a customer, Pipe Ten’s engineer time will be billable at the prevailing rates.
3.6. Logging is generated for Pipe Ten administrative purposes, users are expected to log their own usage of the mail service using their sending software.
3.7. Pipe Ten will not offer deliverability advice for this shared mail service, please contact us regarding private mailing services.
3.8. Any perceived slowness relating to other customers use of the service is considered normal. If the service is busy please try again at a later time, if the service is persistently unavailable please contact the support team.
3.9. To avoid short term abuse of the service, the initial minimum contract term is 3 months, after this it is a rolling monthly contract.
3.10. Service cancellation is required via authenticated support ticket at least 2 working days from renewal, service will also be considered cancelled if the parent/billing account is cancelled.

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