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Client VPN Service (VPNS)


This document outlines the Client VPN Services supplied by Pipe Ten. This means services which allow a remote client (mobile device, laptop, desktop) to securely connect to the service (VPN server on Pipe Ten’s network).
Clients connecting from VPN benefit from encapsulation and encryption of network traffic between their configured device on any network, and the VPN service/servers location.
Client VPN services are intended for those who want to securely connect to their Pipe Ten services, including protecting protocols which are considered insecure (FTP, some DB) and providing fixed IP address for those with dynamic/pooled ISP IP addresses.

Shared / Inclusive VPN Service

Pipe Ten offers FREE/inclusive VPN services with the view to improve client <> server security for administrative/sensitive operations on Pipe Ten hosted servers and services.
The Shared VPN service operates on shared hardware, advertising only routes available on Pipe Ten’s network infrastructure and operates without SLA.
The Shared VPN service is available to customers on ALL package types.
The following package types include 1x FREE shared VPN user:

  • Hosting – Enterprise, Empire
  • Servers – All

Additional Shared VPN users, or VPN users on other package types are charged at the prevailing rate.
While offering an improved level of security, the Shared VPN service end-point is located on shared hardware on a shared network, secure and protected where possible but not optimal/infallible.
For optimum endpoint (client) to endpoint (server) protection, PAID/Private VPN services are recommended.

PAID / Private VPN Services

If you require a large number of users, granular user access control or optimum connection security, non-shared Private VPN services are available.
VPN services can be very CPU and network intensive depending on their usage and configuration.
For Pipe Ten customers taking hardware firewall services or having sufficient excess resources on physical servers, it is often possible to configure Private VPN services without additional hardware cost.
Private VPN Service can otherwise be provided as virtual or physical appliances dedicated to your use and networks at an additional cost.
Contact a member of the Pipe Ten sales team for more information regarding PAID VPN services.

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