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Environmental Policy

There’s no such thing as 100% “green” and “sustainable” web hosting, but Pipe Ten is committed to minimising the impact it and its customers activities have on the environment.
We do:

  • Recognise the environmental impacts arising from our business activities and are committed to reducing these through effective environmental management.
  • Respect all existing, applicable environmental regulations and meeting all new regulations as soon as is reasonably practicable.
  • Plant 100 physical trees every year and are committed to doing so moving forward. We do not pay others to plant trees for us.
  • Contract 100% renewable energy for our offices.
  • Recycle 100% of electronic, paper and other recyclable waste.
  • Be 98% paper free (business cards and promotional materials only),
  • Use performance/power optimised server hardware, appropriately specified for the task.
  • Actively scale and shift workloads based on demand and power down unused hardware.
  • Encourage all employees to use sustainable methods of transport when commuting or attending meetings.
  • Use cold-aisle-containment and other techniques to maintain a low PUE with our Data Center partners.
  • Ensure our partner data centers for National Grid sourced electricity, contract the following percentage of renewable generation sources:
    • Manchester DC0 (Iomart) = MIX%
    • Sheffield DC1 (ASK4) = 100%
    • Derby DC2 (Node4) = 100%

We aim to:

  • Promote our environmental policy to suppliers, contractors, customers and any other interested party using our website or any other applicable communication media.
  • Provide our employees with education and knowledge via training and awareness programmes aimed at identifying and understanding of the environmental impact of their activities.
  • Manage and, where possible, reduce energy use relating to our business premises and use of.
  • Consider and increase re-use of materials before recycle.
  • Where appropriate, take environmental factors into account when sourcing external products and services.
  • Work toward the ISO 14001:2015 standard for environmental management systems which includes setting and working toward measurable benefits.
  • Continually look for ways to further improve our environmental performance.

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