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Service Level (SLA)


This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is designed to meets the needs of customers while reinforcing Pipe Ten’s commitment to providing customers with the best possible service.

The Schedule outlines what levels of service can be expected and the Remedies outline Pipe Ten’s guaranteed response rate and illustrate what credit a customer is eligible for in the unlikely event of a breach in these levels.

Pipe Ten seeks to mitigate or prevent any potential failure before being realised, but no matter how much effort or cost is applied, due to the nature of the service failures will happen.


Pipe Ten’s aspirations and intentions far exceed the schedules defined, these are the guarantees to be seen as worse-case scenarios.

Core Default

  • Core Operating Hours (Business Hours): 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday
  • Monitoring Hours and Availability: 24/7/365
  • Standards Maintained:
    • ISO 270001
    • PCI DSS Service Providers Level 2
  • Core Default (Response) SLA (Received, Read, Validated, Responded and/or Escalated): within 72 hours

Accounts & Billing

  • Bereavement & Incapacity: Core Default
  • Complaints: Core Default
  • Cancellation:
    • Validated & Escalated within: Core Default
    • Suspended for non-payment: 72 hours
    • Deleted for non-payment: 30 days
    • Cancellation Refunds: NONE (service credits at management discretion)


Expertise & Tickets

Support tickets raised via the Pipe Ten control panels have different SLA based on the system and the priority with which the ticket is raised.

* Additional Expertise costs may apply depending on the account type, request type and priority chosen.


  • All: Core Default


  • Management Escalation: 12 hours at any time (24/7/365)*
  • Harmonised Support Department:
    • Normal: 72 hours during core operating hours.
    • High: 3 hours during core operating hours*
    • Critical: 3 hours at any time (24/7/365)*
  • Sales & Other Department: 72 hours during core operating hours.


Data Centres (Supplier Partners)

  • Standards Maintained: ISO27001 and PCI DSS SP
  • Power: 99% single PSU, 100% dual PSU
  • Temperature: 26.5C max
  • Humidity: 30-70%


  • Internal Availability/Loss: 5 minutes then 100%
  • External Availability/Loss: 10 minutes then 99.99%
  • Packet Delivery: 99.949%
  • Throughput: 80% of theoretical maximum (100% of physical)
  • Outside Control: Where failure is outside Pipe Ten’s reasonable control (DDoS, non-direct routing and peering, third party/remote network issues and similar), SLA shall not apply.


  • Only Pipe Ten equipment within Pipe Ten environments
  • Hardware Replacement: 4 hours

Compute & Other Service Specific

  • Non-Critical (Shared Infrastructure): 95%
  • Critical (Shared Infrastructure): 99.99%
  • Local Cloud (AH, X): 99.99%
  • Legacy (H-Sphere, Mailcow): Expired
  • Public Cloud (Azure, AWS, GCE): Contract defined
  • Otherwise: Contract defined

Maintenance: Patching

  • New patches reviewed within: 3 days
  • Non-critical patches applied within: 6 weeks
  • Critical patches applied within: 24 hours

Monitoring: Response

  • Response:
    • Receive Alert over Cellular Network: within 1 hours
    • Read and Investigate: within 2 hours
    • Respond and/or Escalate: within 1 hours


  • Verify and Notify Failing Backup: within 3 failing backups or 72 hours.
  • Customer specific restore testing: by request
  • Similar technology restore testing: on major version change


The following equation will be used to calculate the availability. References to hours are to the number of hours in the applicable Monthly Review Period: ((Total minutes – Total minutes Unavailable)/Total minutes) x 100 Pipe Ten will provide the Customer with service credits, as set out below.

Where Pipe Ten fails to meet its service obligations (% based) under these SLA, service credits shall be raised equivalent to 10 times the specifically impacted services cost for the period of failure.

Where Pipe Ten fails to meet its support obligations (hours based) under these SLA, service credits shall be raised equivalent to 2.5 times the specifically impacted services costs for the period of failure, where the request was within the scope of that service and Pipe Ten responsibility.

All SLA credits be they cumulative or otherwise, are limited to 100% of the customers monthly spend. The Customer must claim any service credit due to a failure to meet the Service Availability targets, in writing, within 14 days of the date at which the Customer could reasonably be expected to become aware of such failure, otherwise no service credits shall be payable. The Customer shall not be entitled to any service credits in respect of a claim unless and until Pipe Ten has received notice of the claim in writing.

Remedies are only by guaranteed made in relation to the impacted service and not any associated service (for example a network failure may cause you to be unable to access a service, but the SLA assessment shall only be the network).

Without prejudice to or limitation of the definition of Service Availability, service credits will not be payable by Pipe Ten to the Customer in relation to the Service Availability for faults or disruptions to the Services caused by any of the following:

  • The fault, action or negligence of the Customer, its employees, agents or contractors.
  • The Customer failing to comply with the provisions of the Agreement.
  • A fault in, or any other problem associated with, equipment connected on the Customer’s side of the Network termination point, except where such fault or problem is directly caused by the fault, action or negligence of Pipe Ten, its employees, agents or contractors.
  • Any event described as Force Majeure.
  • Any Planned Outage.

The SLA is rescinded if the customer has overdue invoices on their account or if the invoice for the period of the disruption was paid late.

Pipe Ten makes no guarantee to defend a customer’s website from a denial of service attack unless that service has been specifically offered and agreed.

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