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Database Usage Policy (ALL.DUP)


This document aims to outline Pipe Ten’s database use policy as it applies to subscribers of database services hosted with Pipe Ten.
A shared database service is included with most of Pipe Ten’s web hosting packages, where the data in databases of multiple customers exist securely on the same service.
A non-shared database services is typically included (Linux/MySQL) or optional (Windows/MsSQL) on Pipe Ten’s physical server products.
If you are unsure if you use a shared or non-shared database service you probably use a shared database service, but please don’t hesitate to contact support for clarification.

Non-Shared Database Servers

There are few restrictions on the use of database servers when they are solely assigned to a customer or residing on a customer server:

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they are appropriately licensed for their type of usage and the licensing model in use, please contact support if unsure.
  • Remote access to database services will typically be locked down / filtered to only allow authorised IP address or client VPN service by default, please contact support to modify.
  • In circumstances where global remote access to database services is allowed, Pipe Ten may on occasion seek to temporarily disable or modify the remote access (cases such as Denial of Service, extreme/runaway bandwidth usage, zero day security exploits or otherwise when perceived beneficial to the customer and giving notice whenever possible).

Shared Database Servers

It is necessary for restrictions to exist on the shared database servers to prevent resource/other abuse of the shared services and potential performance or availability impact to other customers, these include:

  • Remote access to database services (direct access to the services port using remote client) is provided for administrative purposes only and subject to removal without notice.
  • In circumstances where remote access is not directly available web based tools for backup and administration are always provided as alternatives.
  • It is not permitted to use Pipe Ten’s shared database services to operate applications or websites residing/hosted outside of Pipe Ten’s network infrastructure.
  • Operations using an unfair amount of resources (CPU, memory, Disk IO, connections, logging, bandwidth) may be limited or blocked when it puts at risk the stability or performance of other users of the service.

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