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UK Infrastructure

Pipe Ten’s infrastructure is hosted within Data Centres all located within the UK.

Pipe Ten’s main office is located within the UK.


The suppliers and partners of these locations are chosen, monitored and reviewed regularly in line with Pipe Ten’s Supplier Relationship Policy which involves the identification of supplier types depending on their type of involvement with the business, their compliance, location, service quality, business dependence and how that may impact information security for our Customers.


The suppliers and partners of these locations are ISO 27001 accredited for Information Security Management which covers the full range of Pipe Ten services including the provision and management of Internet Infrastructure in relation to Web Hosting, Domain Names, Security Services, Software Licensing and Engineering Resources. All Pipe Ten’s core Data Centre facility partners also have PCI DSS Service Provider Level 2 or better accreditation.

Please see the Environment Policy for information on Security & Access.

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