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Can we search our personal data on your systems?

Your personal data that you have provided to Pipe Ten can be found and updated in your online control panel.

Can we delete our personal data from your systems?

By updating or closing your account, your personal data will be removed from Pipe Ten’s systems. Any data that has filtered through to the backend systems can also be requested to be deleted where applicable.

Can we export our personal data from your systems?

On request Pipe Ten will be able to provide a full export of an individual’s personal data.

Do you have a documented Breach Notification Process?

Yes, please raise a support ticket or use our contact form.

Can you confirm our right to have perennial data deleted or returned upon termination of contract at no extra cost?

Any personal data that is not active or not legally required to kept for longer periods will not be retained for more than 12 months and upon request can be deleted on termination of contract.

Can you confirm that you offer full transparency of data transfer to other parties/destinations?

A list of all third parties Pipe Ten may transfer customer’s data to is available in Pipe Ten’s Privacy Policy. A list of all third parties that any individual’s personal data has been transferred to is available on request.

What is your geographical location?

Sheffield, UK.

What is the geographical location of your data systems?

UK unless otherwise explicitly defined.

Should we consider Pipe Ten a data processor?

You can find our Data Processing Policy which defines the scope in which we can access and process data which is further backed by our Data Destruction Policy, Hardware Destruction Policy, Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service and Service Level Agreement.

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