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Empower your online presence with our reliable website hosting solutions to simplify and elevate your business.

Ideal For:Comprehensive web hosting solutions, including domains, websites, and email, designed to meet all your online presence needs.

  • Everyone seeking modern, fast, available and secure PHP application hosting and email.
  • Large and small businesses that need an all-in-one hosting solution for their domain, website, and email to streamline operations with transparent and fair pricing.
  • Online sellers looking for dedicated container resources and advanced security features, including free SSLs, to ensure a secure, reliable online shopping experience.
  • WordPress websites benefit from the WordPress Toolkit for easy management and experienced customer support for seamless operation.
  • Web Developers wanting flexibility with excellent PHP support and an effortless modern control panel to manage multiple websites efficiently.
  • Startups that prioritise solid online presence with guaranteed satisfaction, easy-to-use tools, and robust support for growth & scalability.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive hosting solutions, including domains, websites, and email, designed to meet all your online presence needs.
  • Dedicated container resources ensure your hosting remains fast, reliable, and unaffected by other users.
  • User-friendly, swift, and modern control panel to streamline the management of your hosting environment.
  • Transparent and fair pricing with all charges clearly specified upfront, guaranteeing no hidden costs.
  • Experienced customer support team readily available to provide assistance and resolve any issues swiftly.
  • PHP Selector and Redis support, offering flexibility and enhanced performance for your applications.
  • Comprehensive WordPress Toolkit to simplify management and enhance the security of your WordPress sites.
  • Advanced security measures to protect your website from online threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Free instant SSL certificates to secure your site and boost your Google rankings.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed with a commitment to quality service and customer care.

Website Hosting Pricing:

Starting from
Container Hosting
Affordable website hosting & email.Affordable website hosting & email.
£1a month
Reseller Hosting
Flexible container hosting better than shared for digital agencies.Flexible container hosting better than shared for digital agencies.
£25a month

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