Creating an affordable web hosting platform

10 May 2024 - by Gavin

After working in online infrastructure management for over 20 years, we at Pipe Ten noticed a concerning trend that there were fewer affordable options were available for off-the-shelf website hosting. Many big-name brands had either been acquired or had just been steadily increasing their prices, taking advantage of their long-term customers who lacked the skills or time to switch providers. cheap web hosting Moreover, we’ve noticed an increasingly prevalent tactic among industry giants offering super low unsustainable introductory rates on their web hosting, swiftly followed by significant price hikes after a short period. Again, this unfairly penalises their less tech-savvy customers, who might not realise how straightforward it is to migrate to another provider. Observing these developments, we recognised a vital need for a new independent and affordable website hosting platform. We’ve aimed to create a simple solution with a no-nonsense pricing structure that offers the same low rates to both loyal existing customers as well as new customers. This mirrors the approach of our established domain name registration platform, Purely.Domains, so we could address this gap in the web hosting market to fit as an ideal complement to our domain registration services. modern web hosting control panel Our partnership with a new web hosting control panel provider has allowed us to create a modern hosting platform, freshly built from the ground up which prioritises security and usability. It empowers even novice users to manage their websites and emails effortlessly. Combined with our extensive experience in delivering secure and reliable online infrastructure, this has formed the perfect recipe for a truly disruptive force in the affordable web hosting sector. Thus, was born, a complete hosting solution with a clean and clear mission to enable anyone, regardless of their budget, to easily establish a professional and dependable online presence.

Cheap Domain Names. Access to over 500 domain name extensions, identical pricing for both domain registration and renewal.

With our platform, customers can host their website and email service for as little as £1 per month. We’ve also integrated our domain registration services, which start from £5 per year, added reseller hosting packages and other complementary tools and services. This comprehensive offering is designed to meet the needs of small businesses, individuals, and organisations, regardless of their budget.
GavinAuthor: Gavin Kimpton
A founder of Pipe Ten, Gavin has been professionally embedded in the digital sector spanning 3 decades since the original dot com boom of the late nineties. He has extensive experience in the design of many major international website launches and is a seasoned expert in the world website application hosting and domain registration management. Over the past twenty plus years at Pipe Ten Gavin has navigated the ever-evolving landscape of internet governance, witnessing the birth of new top-level domains (TLDs) and the proliferation of security and compliance within the industry. Gavin spearheaded Pipe Ten in Sheffield, Yorkshire to be a Nominet accredited channel partner with a profound understanding of the symbiotic relationship between domain names and the broader digital ecosystem.