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Custom services for complete solutions

We enhance the effectiveness of web teams by managing numerous essential services, allowing you to focus on your applications and success. We tailor our approach to ensure that your Pipe Ten solution is comprehensive and efficient.

Everything Else

Advice, Consultancy & Expertise

Translating complex requirements and orchestrating diverse products and services into effective solutions is our forte. Our customers rely on us as their dependable partners, and we are available to support them whenever issues arise. Our team of engineers thrives on helping clients achieve their objectives. While our advice is usually free, our consultancy is highly valued, and our expertise is evident in everything we undertake.

Availability & Load Balancing

As a technology-agnostic, multi-disciplined service provider, we deploy truly high-availability solutions that encompass containers, servers, data centres, regions, and continents, including multiple cloud providers. This often involves multiple layers of reverse proxying and/or load balancing, frequently on a large scale.

Caching & Content Delivery

Enhancing the performance and scalability of your application cost-effectively often involves comprehensive caching strategies. From setting the appropriate headers to minimise repeated requests to distributing content globally to optimise user experience or ensuring database queries are efficiently managed, our caching expertise is designed to elevate and optimise your application’s performance.


We partner with leading software and service providers, leveraging our expertise and volume to secure the best support and most cost-effective licensing models. We monitor usage rights for any open-source software, ensure compliance with commercial EULAs, negotiate with vendors, optimise workloads to licensing models, and guarantee that you have the right tools at the best prices.

Maintenance & Patching

Managing maintenance and patching may seem mundane, yet it is critical for your security and the longevity of your web application. Our services include frequent patching, auditing, tuning, planning, upgrading, vulnerability management, and incident response.


Designing new infrastructure is often the straightforward part of a project; migrating your application and business processes to it can be complex and taxing. We include free migration advice with all Pipe Ten solutions, supporting you in planning, migrating, and managing any issues that may arise.

Monitoring & Response

When your application fails, there’s no need to panic. We proactively monitor availability, capacity, and performance on behalf of our customers, preempting problems before they occur and responding swiftly to any incident to minimise impact on you and your users.

Load Testing & Performance

Every application is unique, and we utilise load and performance testing in conjunction with monitoring to precisely understand its requirements. By simulating user experiences at scale, we identify performance bottlenecks, optimise costs, plan resources, and automate scaling to ensure the best possible user experience, even under extreme loads.


While regulatory standards might seem mundane, they are crucial in establishing and maintaining essential benchmarks. Whether it’s ISO 27001, which allows organisations to assess their risks and controls, PCI DSS with its specific requirements, or Cyber Essentials which outlines good practices, we proactively help our customers meet and exceed these standards.

Automation, CI/CD and IaC

Automation in infrastructure deployment, maintenance, scaling, and standardisation is central to our operations. We collaborate with our customers and their development teams, ensuring that solutions integrate seamlessly with development and deployment workflows.

DR and BCP

Disaster recovery focuses on restoring operations post-failure, distinct from maintaining business continuity during and after incidents. Recognising that web applications are often crucial to your business, we adopt a comprehensive approach to planning both technical and business responses to incidents.

Email Services

Email services, while separate, are often closely linked to web application hosting. We offer a range of solutions tailored to various needs, whether it’s application-generated emails for user communication, mass marketing emails, or authoritative domain-related email services. We consider factors such as archiving, compliance, spam, virus protection, reputation, and deliverability in all our email solutions. With decades of experience, we are ideally placed to fulfil all your email service needs.

Other Services

Starting from
Ad-hoc Engineering Expertise
Individual hourly units for use when requesting engineering support.Individual hourly units for use when requesting engineering support.
£60a month
Ad-hoc Consultancy Expertise
Individual hourly units for use when requesting consultancy support.Individual hourly units for use when requesting consultancy support.
£120a month

* The units required depend on the time and schedule for the work.