Infrastructure specifically architected for your application

Unburden your application infrastructure

Pipe Ten are a full-stack application (SaaS), platform (PaaS) and infrastructure (IaaS) as a service provider.

We provide solutions that address the needs of web applications, either your own bespoke applications or those developed by others.

Core to our solutions is our wealth of expertise in designing, architecting, supporting and managing next-generation application delivery systems.

Our focus is in being:

  • Available – Your applications need to work for you and your customers every second of every day; anything less is unacceptable.
  • Efficient – Resources and time cost money; investment in both must be optimised and balanced.
  • Managed – Maintain and monitor the expected, predict and prepare for the unexpected; never rule out the impossible.
  • Quick – Aim to outperform the people or processes using your applications; get ahead and stay ahead of the performance curve.
  • Secure – Applications are better unavailable than insecure; adapt or die within a constantly evolving security environment.
  • Harmonised – Your application is just one part of a larger ecosystem of apps; this relationship must be orchestrated and harmonised.
  • Recoverable – Beyond the bullet points; plan to fail and protect your critical assets both on and offline.

Our customers are diverse in size:

  • Startup & Individual – Many of our largest customers, started out as our smallest; we’re proud to support your growth.
  • SME – If you’re in that difficult growth phase or just happy with where you’re up-to, we can help you cost-optimise and focus.
  • Global & Plc – We’re here day-in day-out to support our customers who want small team agility with extensive and special skills.
  • Agency – Web Designers, Developers, Marketing and SEO; we value our partnerships and add value to your proposals.
  • Public Sector – We’re proud to be a supporter of various NHS trusts and projects along with and establishments.

Our customers include:

  • Financial Services – A focus on security and compliance with expertise in FP and HSM makes us perfect for banking or FinTech need.
  • Public Sector – Balancing legacy operations and cost-cutting with a growing population and IT literacy, is an area we excel.
  • Health Care – A rapidly innovating sector requires the flexibility and consistent attention to security and compliance. We care.
  • Retail – Extending far beyond eCommerce this sector requires immediate scaling and effective queueing where every millisecond counts.
  • Media & Entertainment – Events require massive scalability, high quality and low latency for short periods; we can deliver.
  • Education & TrainingLMS hosting and software is a high growth area where availability is critical; we’re always available for you.
  • Trades – When you’re on the tools working all day you just need simplicity, reliability and support; we’re working for you rain snow or shine.