Demystifying Domain Names

2 June 2023 - by Gavin

Welcome to the world of digital real estate, where your domain name is as significant as your business address.

In this series of posts on our Purely.Website website, we will explore the depths of domain names—those crucial components of every URL that house your online presence.

As simple as it may seem, behind every domain name lies a complex world of TLDs (Top-Level Domains), registries, registrars, and registrants.

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We will decrypt these terminologies and explore the fundamental yet intriguing workings of the DNS (Domain Name System), the underpinning architecture that allows your audience to reach your digital doorstep.

  1. What is a domain name?
  2. What are the different types of TLDs?
  3. What is a registry, registrar and registrant?
  4. What is DNS?
  5. What is the WHOIS database?
  6. How do I choose a domain name?
  7. The future landscape of domain names