Hardware Destruction Policy (ALL.HDP)

Classification: Public Information


When hardware carrying Pipe Ten’s or their customer’s data, is no longer usable due to age or failure, the policy within outlines how it is securely stored and disposed of.


This policy applies to all Pipe Ten Hosting Ltd owned and/or operated devices, where Pipe Ten Hosting Ltd has ultimate responsibility for the device/medium.

Storage Media and Device Types

  • Internal Storage Devices
    • Hard Disk Drives
    • Solid State Drives
    • USB/Flash Devices
  • Other non­-volatile storage devices including:
    • Switches, Routers & Firewall devices
    • RAID, IO Caching & similar devices
  • External Storage Devices
    • Hard Disk Drives
    • Solid State Drives
    • USB/Other Flash Devices
    • Backup devices

Standard Policy Procedure

On a device being marked for hardware destruction due to failure or end of operating life and falling within the scope above, they are then:

  1. Immediately:
    1. Digitally wiped following the Data Destruction Policy.
    2. Logically labelled for hardware destruction within asset tracking.
    3. Physically labelled for hardware destruction.
    4. Placed within the designated secure storage area.
  2. Monthly:
    1. Physically disabled by way of single punch deformation.
    2. Re-Retained within the designated secure storage.
  3. Quarterly:
    1. Collected by the contractor for certified physical destruction and recycling to CESG ­Lower standards.
    2. Logically labelled as destroyed within asset tracking on receipt of waste transfer note and data destruction certificate from contractor.

Extended Arrangements

Customers requiring IL3 or IL4 / CESG­ Higher physical destruction standards must notify Pipe Ten prior to use so special arrangements can be made.