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Ad-hoc Hourly Expertise

Pipe Ten employs a tiered system for expertise costs based on time of day (during normal business hours or outside) and urgency (ad-hoc or with notice).

  • The standard hourly expertise cost can be found on the price list or in contract.
  • Use of expertise is calculated to the nearest 1 hour.
  • Business hours is charged at the standard rate (tier 1).
  • Scheduled out-of-hours is charged at 2x standard rate (tier 2).
  • Unscheduled out-of-hours is charged at 3x standard rate (tier 3).
  • Out-of-hours is defined in the Service Level Agreement.
  • Scheduled works require at least 24 hours prior notice, or will otherwise be considered unscheduled.
  • Where request urgency is not clearly defined, it is determined by the priority of the ticket raised. Low / Medium priority requests are considered to be scheduled. High priority requests are considered to be unscheduled.

Contracted Hourly Expertise

Where the customer agrees to a fixed number of hours of expertise each month as part of a contract/bundle, in addition to the above:

  • Contracted hourly cost is discounted by 66.67%.
  • Use of expertise is calculated to the nearest 0.25 hour.
  • Any unused hours within a billing period are not rolled over to the next.

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