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Expertise Policy


Expertise is the application of a Pipe Ten’s staff member’s time when working on behalf of a customer.

Wherever the assistance required relates to a Pipe Ten product, service or reasonably making use of these; this is typically inclusive of contract or services taken.

Wherever the assistance required is outside of what Pipe Ten provides inclusive of a customers contract or Pipe Ten’s scope or responsibility, this expertise shall be typically be charged in addition to contract.

Wherever the assistance is a mix of inclusive or billable, Pipe Ten shall consider what is inclusive and the remainder will be charged.

What is inclusive expertise?

Pipe Ten makes every effort to protect its Customers from unexpected costs, expertise or otherwise.

When expertise requirements fall within Pipe Ten’s responsibility or scope where it is related to the Customer’s service being available and operating correctly it is typically inclusive of the provided service.

Inclusive Considerations:

  • Explaining how a Pipe Ten service works in relation to a Customer’s need, is typically inclusive and treated as a “cost-of-sale”.
  • Comparing or translating a Customer’s requirements for use with a Pipe Ten product or service, is typically inclusive and treated as a “cost-of-sale”.
  • Explaining how a Pipe Ten service is secured or compliant, is typical inclusive as a “cost-of-service”.
  • Assisting with impact resulting from Pipe Ten failure or outage, is typically inclusive as “cost-of-service”.
  • Improving Pipe Ten products or services based on Customer feedback, where in the interest of Pipe Ten or its other Customers, is typically inclusive as a “cost-of-development”.

Inclusive Examples:

  • Will the Pipe Ten DNS service allow for the use of ABC records?
  • We wish to use ABC software, is Pipe Ten’s product appropriate for this?
  • How long is the CCTV retained for within the ISO27001 data centre?
  • Our website was unavailable for a period of time, can Pipe Ten both investigate and provide materials and reassurances to management?
  • Is it possible for the monitoring service to be extended to include the availability of this common bit of software?

What is billable expertise?

Whenever expertise is required outside of what Pipe Ten provides inclusive of a Customers contract or Pipe Ten’s scope of reasonable responsibility, this expertise shall be typically be regarded as billable after the above inclusive considerations have been made.

Billable Considerations:

  • Explaining how third party software might interact or be configured for use with the Pipe Ten service, shall be billable where outside reasonably making use of.
  • Assisting third parties such as developers with a Pipe Ten service, will be billable where outside reasonably making use of.
  • Assisting the Customer to determine their own business requirements, when not directly relating to a Pipe Ten product or service.
  • Assisting the Customer with compliance or planning outside of Pipe Ten’s scope of responsibility.
  • Customising Pipe Ten products or services based on Customer feedback, when not in the interests of Pipe Ten or its other Customers.
  • Providing the Customer with a fixed quote or detailed schedule of works, where the time required to provide the quote exceeds or cannot be reasonably included in the works required.
  • Providing technical support for application specific issues such as coding or database support.
  • Justifying the billable costs associated with expertise shall where not already included by this policy.

Billable Examples:

  • Can you assist modifying our entirely bespoke website based on complex, uncommon or antiquated technology to work?
  • We have passed the required access credentials and provided explanation on how to restart nginx to our developers but they do not understand, can you help them further?
  • We are making considerations in respect to our disaster recovery needs outside of Pipe Ten, what RTO or RPO should we define?
  • Can you complete our PCI DSS SAQ or answer a Customers  compliance questionnaire on our behalf?
  • Is it possible for the monitoring service to be extended to include the availability of this uncommon or hard to enumerate bit of software?
  • We’d like you to do something that we do not fully understand due to its complexity, could you provide us with a quote to do the works?
  • I was billed for ticket #12345 can you explain why this was not inclusive?

Pipe Ten able to provide support to any party other than the Customer.

Expertise Billing

How is expertise purchased?

All Pipe Ten Customers can benefit from Pipe Ten expertise by default when requested through support system or account management.

Expertise by default is considered ad-hoc and automated, meaning that Customers requesting expertise will automatically be billed if not considered inclusive.

Expertise may also be purchased as bundled or contracted hours to both reduce costs and help a Customer to maintain reasonably fixed cost expectations for assistance outside of the contracted scope.

How is expertise tracked?

All expertise is recorded within the Customers control panel and can be accessed at any time.

The control panel shows what expertise usage, for what purpose it was undertaken (typically the ticket reference) and what costs are associated (inclusive / zero rated, or billable and at what tier) with the works.

How is expertise billed?

  • All expertise is recorded via the Customers control panel which can be accessed at any time.
  • Any reasonable request for expertise will be actioned without question.
  • Expertise shall be recorded to the Customer control panel when the works are completed (small jobs) or throughout the works (large jobs).
  • Pipe Ten shall consider and clearly mark any inclusive support as zero-rated (not billable).
  • Pipe Ten shall then check and use any bundled/contracted expertise where available (already billed).
  • The remainder of any expertise shall then be billed and is payable in accordance with the contract and credit terms (billed).

Can I dispute billed expertise?

Pipe Ten welcomes all Customers to question where or why Pipe Ten has billed for its expertise, this should be raised with your account manager or via ticket.

How does bundled/contracted expertise differ from ad-hoc expertise?

Bundled/Contracted expertise is intended to assist Customers in maintaining fixed cost expectations and in simple terms is:

  • Purchased in advance or as part of contract.
  • Discounted over ad-hoc expertise requests.
  • Bundled time expires if not used within the applicable billing period.

Is there anything else I should know?

  • Where the Customer provides its employees and/or third parties access to self-request Pipe Ten’s expertise, it shall be the Customer’s responsibility to maintain oversight and cost control of any requests.
  • Expertise excludes material costs required to perform the requested works, this may include:
    • Travel expenses.
    • Third party expenses.

Expertise SLA


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