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Manually clearing your Magento cache

Sometimes when moving, migrating or changing domain names for your Magento installation you may run in to issues with the cache redirecting users to the old domain.

This can make it difficult to login to the administration section to clear the cache, to make the site work. Often you will see that your site gets stuck in a redirect loop that won’t complete. In this quick and easy guide, we will show you how to clear your Magento Cache.

Steps to take

There are three simple steps that can be taken to solve this issue.

    1. Login to your FTP account. This can be done through your FTP Client or File Manager.
    2. Find the Magento installation located in your domain
    3. Remove the content of the following two folder’s
      • /var/cache
      • /var/session

As always we strongly recommend you take a backup of these files before removing them, even though they are only cache files.

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