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DNN Ate My Database

What is doing the eating anyway? I’ll tell you my guess, it’s your massive log file! It comes hungry by default. So lets look at a few things we can do to put it on a diet…

The Crash Diet

That’s right, if there’s nothing of value in there, or if it’s just too big to be of any use, you can always just clear it out! Back it up if you’re worried (MyLittleBackup).

Couldn’t be easier, just nip over to Admin > Event Viewer.

Then have a click on the Clear Log link.

The Balanced Diet

DNN lets us pick and choose what we want to nibble on, same place where you cleared the log, just a little to the right – Edit Log Settings.

All you need to do is pick the ones that you want. (click to enlarge)

Click the edit icon (the pencil icon, but you knew that!) and toggle Logging Enabled to turn off logging, or if you prefer adjust Keep Most Recent reduce it down. (click to enlarge)

Smart guys the DNN developers, they know we might not want to go through all the various logging options so they gave us a great setting to just reduce the amount of days to log! Slightly different menu option Admin > Site Settings, then click the old Advanced Settings.

From here scroll down to Host Setting.

Now just limit the Site Log History to x days. Easy enough.

The Nip and Tuck Diet

You know the drill, a balanced diet is always recommended, but sometimes we just haven’t got time so we just take that short cut. By short cut I of course mean just purge the log file on a schedule.

Slightly different menu again for this one, Host > Advanced > Schedule.

Find Purge Site Log click on edit. (click to enlarge)

This will take you to the Edit Schedule page. (click to enlarge)

From here you can set the schedule for when you’d like the Site Log to be purged, please ensure you set the Schedule Start Date/Time and of course Schedule Enabled.

Click here for full details

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