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Our goal is to become an extension of your team; its capabilities and its successes. That begins and continues, with the expertise inherent within the Pipe Ten team.

Pipe Ten team members ALL come from Information Technology backgrounds, operate to ISO 27001 throughout and PCI DSS standards where appropriate.

Pipe Ten operates a 24/365 oversight of systems availability and performance for any high priority needs.

While the service delivery is frequently virtual, whenever reasonably possible we like to physically meet our customers and build a lasting relationship. We’d love to come visit you, or Pipe Ten itself is located in the world famous “Steel City” of Sheffield a green modern city-scape set against the stunning backdrop of the Peak District National Park where you are always welcome!

Business & Leadership

Pipe Ten Hosting Ltd is owned by the founders, and its team of long term employees; providing application and website hosting services to designers, developers, agencies, brands and business big and small.

Having spent several years together working, Pipe Ten Ltd was founded in 2002 by Gavin Kimpton and Carl Heaton as developer/designer of complex web based systems and websites.

The hosting and maintenance of which being provided secondary to design and development, but with the same passion and level of expertise.

The demand for Pipe Ten’s quality and support focused web hosting services spread by word-of-mouth and soon outstripped demand for design or development services, in 2006 Pipe Ten Hosting Ltd was formed to make clear our future and the new focus was directed at providing hosting related expertise.

“We pride ourselves on careful growth with significant investment in stability and longevity across the business. Our long history, expertise, fairness and overall approach gives our customers the confidence to invest in building long term relationships and shared successes.”

Carl Heaton, Technical Director and Co-Founder


Sales & Consultancy

Pipe Ten do not employ dedicated sales persons. We believe that only the people qualified to research, specify and price a project are the support and engineering staff who truly understand them and will ultimately be responsible for them!

We will not waste your time with constant sales calls or emails, we let our products, service and expertise speak for itself, we are always ready when you are!

Most website/application related questions, even when not directly related to a Pipe Ten’s products and services is considered to be part of the quotation process and inclusive of our costs. Where the complexity of the project means that assistance may be required outside of a “normal” service, then this would be considered consultancy and costs above the standard inclusive can be provided either as an hourly or per project cost basis.

If in doubt, just ASK!


All of Pipe Ten’s support assistants have a huge wealth of knowledge and experience of working with web applications, control panels and associated web hosting technologies being former and current web professionals.

Common questions and problems are quickly resolved by the support team, with uncommon or complex issues being escalated through the engineering team with everything needed to lead to a swift resolution.

Our goal is to exceed expectations whenever we have the opportunity/margin/capability/resources to do so, and to be honest when others may offer greater value than ourselves.

A few of our support mottos include:

  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
  • Answer now, what could be asked next.
  • Always try give more than is expected.
  • If in doubt; notify, then share/escalate.

“My goal is to make complex things easier or clearer. There are no stupid questions, only things that could have been better explained.”
Jamie, Support Manager


Pipe Ten engineers operate within the bleeding edge tiers of technology and security, constantly developing and improving what we do for ourselves and for our customers.

The core goal for our engineers is to become an extension of your team; providing simple, secure and stable services.

A few of our engineering mottos include:

  • Perseverance and understanding in the face of complexity.
  • A problem documented is a solution delegated or escalated.
  • What goes up, shouldn’t go down.

“We replace ourselves daily with scripts and automation, welcoming each day’s new challenge as an opportunity to learn and improve our customer’s experience.”

David, Technical Operations


ISO 27001 is a specification for an information security management system (ISMS). An ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organisation’s information risk management processes.

  • Pipe Ten is ISO 27001 certified.
  • Pipe Ten’s Data Centre partners are also ISO 27001 certified.
  • Relevant suppliers are also ISO 27001 certified or controlled to ISO 27001 specifications.
  • Pipe Ten can assist customers in maintaining their environments and processes to ISO 27001 specification.


Pipe Ten considers its customers as partners, but in a traditional sense aims to form partnerships with many third parties to supply services including hardware, software and environments.

We combine the needs, values and volumes of our client partners and leverage these with our commercial partners for improved pricing, priority, support and development influence.

Pipe Ten recognises its reliance and responsibility to contribute in time, resources or promotion to the furthering of any open source services it uses as it  to do so wherever is reasonably possible.

“We are fully partner agnostic. We’re happy to work with anyone so long as there’s an advantage for our customers. We only seek to benefit where we can demonstrate the added value.”

Gavin Kimpton, Managing Director and Co-Founder


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