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How to Request a Restore From Our Backups

In the unfortunate event you accidentally permanently delete your web or database content, we do offer a Backup Service, which you can restore from if you need to. What is shown below will outline what will be required in order for our engineers to proceed with your restore.

1. For file based recovery we need the directories that need to be restored e.g. all directories in my account, just domain1.com and domain2.com, or even domain.com/path/to/my/directory. For database restores we just need the name of the database(s).

2. The approximate time you want it restoring from e.g. the latest backup you have, the earliest backup available, any backup prior to x time, last week, last month.

3. That’s it, just pop all the above in the request a restore form

For further information please see our Backup Policy.

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Last modified: 10/10/2018