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The DNS Lookup Process

Addressing is what Pipe Ten refers to as pointing or directing one thing towards another thing.

In its simplest and most frequent form this involves registering a domain name and pointing it to name servers, creating DNS records on those name servers, which point towards the location of the service whether that might be a website, mail server or other online service.

More complex addressing services include local load balancing (application layer high availability, directing requests to different backend services) and geographic load balancing (global high availability or granularity, pointing requests to different front end services).

Domain Names

purely.website is Pipe Ten’s domain name registration brand and system, but why choose Pipe Ten for your domain registrations?

  • Transparent pricing that is permanently affordable with identical renewal and registration prices
  • Includes DNS services supporting all global record types
  • Proven domain registration experience of over 15 years.
  • A huge TLD selection of over 400 extensions

DNS Services

Pipe Ten provides inclusive shared DNS services for its customers taking domain registration or specific hosting services, further information may be found on the appropriate product page.

Shared DNS services are deployed between two or more geographically diverse data centres with a reasonable level of redundancy and security. However, for mission critical services, we would recommend additional dedicated specialist DNS consideration.

Dedicated & Specialist DNS

This relates to all other DNS services other than shared DNS and could include:

  • Reverse DNS / PTR for Email and Authority validation.
  • Dedicated DNS or White Branded name server hosts.
  • DDoS mitigated name server hosts.
  • Round-Robin or geographically directed DNS services.
  • Domain or DNS change monitoring, alerting and response.

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