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Recovery Point Objective or RPO is in the event of critical failure the oldest backup you can reasonably restore from and lose data having being created since.

Recovery Time Objective or RTO is in the event of critical failure how long until the oldest backup and access to any services need be restored.

Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption is in the event of any failure how long before it would irreversibly impact the businesses ability to recover.

As an example for a small e-commerce website:

  • I get emails with details about customers emails and can remember what changes I made to products over the last week, my RPO is 7 days.
  • On my website I promise to ship orders within 72 hours, but most people will wait a week if I communicate to them, my MTPD is 7 days.
  • It takes me 24 hours to make and pack the products after they’ve been ordered on my website, so to meet my MTPD my RTO needs to be less than 6 days.

Pipe Ten helps customers with DR and BCP planning, both in respect to Pipe Ten products/services and others.