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PHP 7.3 now available

PHP 7.3 is now available for use across all Pipe Ten’s managed Linux servers.

Customers on Pipe Ten’s legacy shared hosting servers simply need to enable it on a per domain basis in their hosting control panel.

Using PHP 7.3 should provide a 10% performance boost in processing time over PHP 7.2 along with a number of updates, including:

  • improved management of Heredoc and Nowdoc syntaxes
  • adding references with the function list()
  • improved “Argon2” password hashing algorithm
  • the appearance of an error return code on the function json_decode()

And some new features:

  • the is_countable() function which allows you to know whether an object is countable
  • the array_key_first() and array_key_last() functions that let you retrieve the first and last keys in an array

If any customer requires PHP 7.3 to be made available on their private server please raise a ticket with your request to contact the Pipe Ten support team who will be more than happy to assist.