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Enabling/Disabling 2FA

Using 2FA provides an effective means to secure your accounts from any unauthorised logins.

Before starting you will need to install an authenticator App on your chosen device.
For Android devices we recommend installing Google Authenticator
For Apple devices we also recommend installing Google Authenticator
For Windows phones you can install Authenticator+

Enabling 2FA

To enable 2FA the following steps must be done:

1. Login to your whm.pipe.co account

2. Click the top right menu “Hello, !, then click Security Settings

3. Click the green Click here to Enable button

4. Click the blue Get Started button

5. A time-based one-time password will be displayed in the form of a QR-code that can be scanned by your preferred authenticator app.
Alternatively to scanning, you can enter the Secret Key manually to set up 2FA

6. Click the blue Confirm button

7. Input the security code that has been generated by the authenticator app and click the blue Confirm button

8. A backup code will be generated, which you should write down and store in a safe place in the event of loss of your authentication device.

9. That’s it, 2FA will now be enabled so that each time you login you must use the time based authentication code generated by your authenticator app.

Disabling 2FA

While disabling 2FA is not recommended, the following steps can be followed to disable the service:

  1. Navigate to Security Settings from the “Hello, !” dropdown menu
  2. Press the Click here to Disable button
  3. Enter your whm.pipe.co password into the Enter Your Password box

That’s it, your 2FA will now be disabled.

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