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Pipe Ten supports all major VPN (Virtual Private Network) technologies to encapsulate data in-flight between users, servers and networks.

Permanent VPN connections between servers or networks is often handled on the firewall level using IPSec VPN.

Temporary VPN / Road Warrior connections between users and services are typically provided using OpenVPN or L2TP over IPSec.

Pipe Ten firmly believes communication should be secure by default (using TLS/SSL or other prominent technologies) and wherever possible further/double encapsulate through the use of VPN services (VPN is primarily used to protect insecure services, but should also be considered for use to doubly protect secure services).

Inclusive OpenVPN Service

An inclusive shared OpenVPN service is provided by Pipe Ten for customers wishing to securely access services hosted on Pipe Ten networks.

Traffic using the OpenVPN service is encapsulated / privacy protected between Customers endpoint (desktop, laptop and/or mobile where the VPN software is installed) and the Pipe Ten VPN service (what the VPN software connects to), which helps protect against threats on the customer’s network or general Internet.

Dedicated OpenVPN (or L2TP over IPSec) Services

Where privacy of traffic is required fully between customer’s endpoint (desktop, laptop and/or mobile where the VPN software is installed) and the customer’s services hosted on a Pipe Ten network, or where a volume of users required then dedicated VPN services are required.

Provisioned as a resource dedicated and bespoke to the customer and their hosting environments, Pipe Ten’s dedicated OpenVPN services can provide a high level of assurance and also support higher user volumes than can otherwise be achieved using a shared or free VPN service.

Where OpenVPN AS is used licensing may be purchased via Pipe Ten, or directly with OpenVPN.

Dedicated IPSec Services

Permanent VPN connections are typically deployed at the customer firewall level using IPSec for the purposes of connecting and encapsulating data between networks in different locations or with different providers.


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