Simplifying SSL: Testing & Tools

13 December 2023 - by Carl

This is the eighth in our series of insights which seek to explore and simplify the topic of SSL (and TLS) in the context of web application hosting. In our previous insight, we looked at Mixed Content Warnings; in this insight, we’ll explore testing and tools. SSL certificate testing tools to test SSL certificates - Qualys SSL Server Test open source

Simple Tools

Purely.Tools TLS We’ve built a simple tool for you to check the SSL and TLS versions on any website; simply enter your URL at TLS version support tester and hit Go. Purely.Tools SSL We’ve built another simple tool to check the status of your SSL certificate in use on any website; just enter your URL at SSL information tester and hit Go.

Complete Tools

Qualys SSL Server Test The SSL Labs tester from Qualys is something of an industry standard for checking the correct configuration of your SSL, TLS and web server settings, providing an easy-to-understand A-E rating, a list of supported Browsers/OS with your current configuration and any problems it finds. We recommend ensuring the “Do not show the results on the boards” option is checked when scanning to avoid highlighting yourself as a potential target. With all the features of the Qualys tester but 100% open source, the command line utility gives more customisation and can automate your testing.

Manual Tools

Several local tools exist for the manual testing of SSL certificates, from PowerShell to curl, OpenSSL and certutil.

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