Balancing Public and Private Cloud: Maximising Efficiency and Security

3 July 2024 - by Carl

As cloud computing evolves, organisations face the challenge of balancing flexibility with cost efficiency. While the public cloud offers scalability and rapid deployment, the private cloud presents significant cost-saving opportunities, especially for always-on applications. The good news is that you don’t have to choose one or the other; you can leverage both to maximise benefits. Don't choose between public and private cloud. Maximise efficiency and security by leveraging both to amplify the benefits of each.

Cost Efficiency

Rising costs in the public cloud are a growing concern. Software firm 37signals reported a profit boost of over $1 million by repatriating from the public cloud, reducing annual costs from $3.2 million to $840,000. Pipe Ten private cloud solutions enable similar savings, providing cloud-like capabilities on private servers in known data centres.

Security and Data Sovereignty

Data security and sovereignty are paramount. Due to security and compliance concerns, Citrix found that 94% of large US organisations have repatriated data from the public cloud. Our private cloud solutions ensure complete control over your data, enhancing security and compliance with data protection regulations. As noted by IBM, “A private cloud offers greater control over security and resource customisation than a public cloud”.

Cloud Connectivity

Our cloud connectivity options are ideal for organisations needing the flexibility of public cloud services while maintaining cost efficiency. Our cloud connect service allows for low latency and high throughput between public cloud environments and on-premise private clouds. This solution supports live workloads, reporting, and backup, offering a hybrid approach that maximises cost savings and operational flexibility.

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Guaranteed Performance

One key advantage of our private cloud solutions is guaranteed performance. Markus Schaal, managing director at Plitch, highlighted that “We encountered occasional performance issues during heavy usage periods and limited customisation options through the cloud interface. Transitioning to a privately owned infrastructure gave us full control over hardware purchasing, software installation, and networking optimised for our workloads.” This ensures your applications run smoothly without the risk of performance degradation during peak times.

Flexibility and Practicality

While the cloud can rapidly connect a hundred servers in less than five minutes, many businesses, like 37signals, do not require such rapid scalability. “We do not need, nor do I believe the vast majority of companies need, a five-minute turnaround on a massive number of additional servers,” says David Heinemeier Hansson. Our private cloud can have new servers delivered and racked in a week, which is fast enough for most needs. For short-term, high-demand projects, the public cloud remains ideal. Hansson notes, “The cloud is ideal for experimenting with new products. We needed big machines for only 20 minutes. It would be wasteful to buy that computer and let it stay idle for 99.99% of the time”.

Bespoke Support and User Experience

Another significant benefit of our private cloud service is the bespoke support we provide. Unlike public cloud providers that often focus solely on infrastructure, we prioritise user experience and tailor solutions to meet specific needs. This personalised approach ensures that your business receives the attention and support necessary to fill any gaps, optimising performance and user satisfaction.

Strategic Benefits

Strategic use of both public and private clouds can yield significant benefits. Private clouds are cost-effective for always-on applications, while public clouds excel in scalability for fluctuating demands. By leveraging both, businesses can optimise their IT infrastructure for performance and cost. You don’t have to choose one over the other; integrating both can provide a tailored solution that meets your needs.

Expertise and Certification

Our company, with decades of experience, ensures top-notch service and reliability. Our data centres are ISO 27001 certified, demonstrating our commitment to the highest security and data management standards. This certification guarantees that our client’s data is handled with the utmost care and security, providing peace of mind and ensuring compliance with international standards.

Customer Success Stories

Several customers have reported significant savings by moving always-on applications from the public cloud to our private cloud solutions. These businesses have optimised their expenditures by reducing dependency on the public cloud without compromising performance or security.


Balancing the use of public and private clouds offers a strategic advantage, combining the scalability and flexibility of the public cloud with the cost efficiency and security of the private cloud. For robust, secure, and cost-efficient cloud solutions, our private cloud and cloud connectivity services provide the best of both worlds, ensuring your business can thrive in today’s dynamic landscape. By adopting a hybrid approach and leveraging our expertise, your organisation can confidently navigate the complexities of cloud computing, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.



CarlAuthor: Carl Heaton Carl is a founder of Pipe Ten and uses his role as Technical Director to drive the company’s vision to transform business online in delivering it’s mission to forge agile technical partnerships that accelerate web success. Carl boasts an illustrious career spanning over two decades, starting as a fledgling web developer in his teens, he swiftly ascended the ranks, honing his skills in architecting secure web application infrastructure. With his finger on the pulse of emerging web technologies, Carl has tracked and influenced the ever changing world of cyber security, internet governance, industry regulations and information security compliance ensuring Pipe Ten successfully achieved and maintain ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

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