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Dedicated Backup

Dedicated backup services provide access to off-site backups by way of a software agent installed to a customer’s operating system, and a private central backup server where the backups are scheduled, executed, securely stored and can be restored back to an operating system carrying the agent at all levels (baremetal/block, drive, file, database).

AES-256 bit or better Encryption is used for BOTH communication between Agent <> Server AND while at-rest on Server. The decryption keys for which may be held solely by the customer, or more commonly both customer and Pipe Ten so we may best assist in any DR scenario.

A customer’s dedicated backup service will not share hardware (compute/storage) resources with any other so allow unlimited customisation of frequency/retention/priority profiles and guaranteed RTO. Our shared backup services offer a lower TCO but with fewer guarantees.

Dedicated backup services are billable based on:

  • Number of software agents/operating systems configured for protection / licensed
  • Number of software agents/operating systems requiring automated or engineered patching services
  • Number of backup servers required
  • Compute resources required to support the backup servers
  • Network resources required to support the backup servers locally or between sites
  • Storage resources required to support the IO, Volumes and local redundancy required


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