Direct participation in Faster Payments

20 June 2023 - by Carl

What is faster payments?

Faster Payments (herein FP) is a banking platform which helps reduce payment times between the customers of different banks.

FP was designed so transacting payments takes seconds rather than the 3 days inherent to the legacy BACS platform.

There were just 15 UK DCSPs (PSPs which connect directly to the FPS CI) when we first deployed the solution for our customer.

There are now 40 DCSPs and DCNSPs that participate in the FPS, but this number has plateaued with most new users accessing the platform through existing FP DCSP and their OpenBanking APIs.

What did we deliver?

On behalf of our customer; we designed, deployed and manage the high SLA high compliance infrastructure which allows them to be a primary particant in this exclusive club.


Network Infrastructure

  • Two geographically diverse data centre deployments
  • Liaison for installation of exchange-diverse Secure+ leased lines with Openreach
  • Liaison for maintenance of exchange-diverse Secure+ leased lines with BT Global
  • Liaison for installation and maintenance of FP-managed switching with Vocalink
  • Private MPLS interconnection between data centres with added IPSec tunnels
  • Public Transit for API endpoints
  • External high-availability routing and firewalling
  • Internal geographically diverse routing
  • Role specific networking

Compute Infrastructure

  • Geographically distinct private cloud architecture
  • Diverse data centres
  • Diverse racks
  • Dedicated high-availability hardware
  • Private virtualisation hypervisors
  • Linux and Windows virtual instances

Security & Monitoring Services

  • All systems all parties security consultancy
  • Compliance assistance
  • Firewalling
  • Hardening
  • Thales Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • Immutable logging
  • Anti-Virus, HIDS, NIDS
  • Patching
  • Licensing
  • Comprehensive local and remote monitoring
  • OpenVPN and IPSec VPN

Administration & DR

  • Complete (excluding application and databases) Design, Deploy and Manage of all elements
  • GRC support with all entities
  • Remote file, database and state backups
  • DR BCP advisory
  • 24/7/365 monitoring, response and support assistance


We can deliver for you!

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