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30 April 2017

Pipe Ten Hosting > GoDaddy

I forgot to renew my domain so went to Pipe Ten Hosting to see if i could add a new domain in place of the old one. I was informed by GoDaddy that i had to pay $80 to get my domain back. After asking Matthew Skully if it was possible and after helping me through the process he informed me that the $80 charge is only for .com domains meaning GoDaddy were trying to rip me off. Matthew stayed on chat with me whilst I called GoDaddy and helped me argue my case as GoDaddy tried to cover their tracks. I got my domain renewed for free saving me a lot of money thanks to Pipe Ten. If you're looking for Genuine hosting from a competent company, look no further than Pipe Ten Hosting.


26 April 2017

Pipe Ten Rescued Me

My existing hosting service has been terrible and with my website being down with no reply from them I found Pipe Ten who have been great. They not only managed the migration in double quick time, they also fixed my website and got my email all running quickly. From my previous experience of migrations they can be dumpy, especially with sub-domain e-commerce platforms. I had no issues at all!
Their support is very transparent and you can get hold of someone very easily. You also know what is available rather than vague 24/7 claims you see, which are not 24/7 at all.
So, superb and I rate them very highly! Lastly, my Drupal site runs faster and I am paying less...what's not to like.

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