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Self Service CDN & Proxy services at Purely.Domains

All Purely.Domains customers now have access to add enterprise class speed and protection services for their domains through our partnership with Cloudflare.

Customers can set up a Cloudflare account for their domain names and easily manage all the settings through their Purely.Domains control panel. Completely independent of where a website is hosted, customers can boost the speed of their website with acceleration features, control the caching / CDN settings to save server bandwidth and ensure availability, add SSL and configure the  cryptography settings along with full DNS management.

Further information can be found on our Purely.Domains website. If you don’t yet have a Purely.Domains account, by signing up you can benefit by having access to over 450 cheap domain names TLDs all with identical registration and renewal fees.

Also don’t forget to redirect your unused domains with our free SSL protected URL Forwarding service so you don’t miss out on any visitors to your website.