SSL Certificates

Secure Your Website and Meet Increasing Security-focused Standards

SSL Certificates without the hassle

Setting up, ordering and installing an SSL certificate on your website can be quite an arduous process if you’ve not done it before. When you order your SSL certificate through Pipe Ten, they will do all the signing and installation for you so all you need to do is complete the simple order form and the SSL team at Pipe Ten will do all the hard work for you.

Complete Protection from Browser to Server

SSL certificates protect & encrypt communication between your website visitors’ web browser and your website on your web server. Your SSL certificate can also influence a customer’s trust in your website and the identity of the entity behind the website that they might be supplying information to.

The higher the validation and classification of the SSL certificate, the greater the perceived level of trust. Pipe Ten supplies the SSL certificates below fully managed for installation onto it’s managed platform for existing customers, taking care of all the complexity and communication required delivering you stress free SSL.

Need some help choosing the best option for you?

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Your Own SSL Certificate

Fully Managed SSL Certificate

The “Enterprise” option for those who require guaranteed availability and security standards from a commercial certificate authority:

  • Pipe Ten Sourced
  • Pipe Ten Signed
  • Pipe Ten Validated/Verified
  • Pipe Ten Installed
  • Pipe Ten Tested
  • Pipe Ten Managed
  • Pipe Ten Renewed

As standard all Pipe Ten sourced SSL certificates include:

  • Automatic Renewal
  • https://(www.)+yoursite.ext protection
  • Encrypts data between customer & server
  • Highest 2048-bit signatures & 256-bit encryption
  • Recognised by 99.9% of browsers & mobile devices
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