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Create a phpinfo page

We are often asked by our customers what PHP version they are running on a domain or if a specific module is installed on their web server. Checking the PHP version and its modules can be done easily using an info.php page which we will explain how to create in this guide.

What is an info.php file?

info.php is a small PHP script that you can run on a Linux server to parse information regarding the PHP version, and the respective modules that are installed on that server.

Please Note: This will only work with our Linux hosting accounts.

How do I create an info.php file?

1. Open a text editor such as notepad++.

2. Paste the following lines into your text editor


3. Select File > Save As.

4. Set the Save as type: to All types.

5. Save the file as info.php

6. Upload the file to your domain via FTP

That’s it! Visiting the page you uploaded should show something similar to this:

Information about the server including the PHP version, and specific modules will be displayed within the page.

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