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Market leaders in customer support

Pipe Ten are renowned for the speed and efficiency of their technical support team. Response times are usually within the hour and are often just a matter of minutes.

Pipe Ten Support - Matthew Britcher

All members have vast experience in web development as well as expertise in the management of the web servers so they fully understand their customer’s needs.

Contacting Pipe Ten support

1/ Email via the control panel ticket system
Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
2/ Online Chat using the live chat facility
Available 9am - 6pm Monday - Friday and most evenings & weekends

All Pipe Ten dedicated server customers also get access to:
3/ Telephone Support with Pipe Ten's UK office
Available 9am - 6pm Monday - Friday
4/ Emergency Support direct to engineer mobile
Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Less than 10% of Pipe Ten customers ever need to contact support because the services are so reliable and easy to use.

Customer Support Blog

customer blogPipe Ten has a large online knowledge base for customers at www.pipeten.info

This is the best place to follow the latest developments at Pipe Ten. It is home to manuals, tutorials, news, maintenance notices and plenty of answers to FAQs.

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed in your web browser, receive updates via email or follow the Twitter feed.

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