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Using Webshell to edit a file

  1. From your control panel, navigate to FTP/User Account > FTP User.
  2. Click the login icon within the File Manager section.
  3. Click on the file you wish to edit in the left hand-side window
  4. Once you’ve selected the file you’d like to work with, the options and information for that file will be shown on the right hand side. This example, we’re going to be editing a wp-config.php file.

  5. Then, on the right hand side, we hit “edit
  6. This will open up a new window, showing the contents of the file. Once you’re done with that, press the Save option at the top of the window.

    Webshell is mostly for quick edits of files, as it isn’t designed for heavy use, uploading files is one at a time and generally not recommended. If you’re going to be heavily using FTP, I would strongly suggest configuring an FTP client.

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