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DC2 – Derby

Pipe Ten operates its own private rack, hardware and network infrastructure in each partner facility, with only Pipe Ten having explicit audited access in all normal circumstances. DC2 Derby is a popular option with customers seeking optimum diversity.

  • Node Ltd DC2, Pride Park, Derby.
  • Secured, Controlled and Managed to PCI DSS for Service Providers and ISO 27001 standards.
  • N+1 or better throughout.
  • DC2 is often paired with DC1, with customers preferencing active processing capacity to DC2.

DC2 Derby Facility Specification

  • Operator: Node4 Ltd
  • Operational: ~2008
  • Network: 10++ Gbps diverse MPLS ring
  • Power: 2.5MWA
  • UPS: N+1
  • Generator: N+N
  • Cooling: N+N
  • Fire: N+1
  • Security:
    • Detached building in secure compound.
    • HMG Tier-3 physical compliance
    • Securex Fencing
    • 24/7/365 onsite security
    • Two-Factor access authentication
    • CCTV and audit
  • Compliance:
    • ISO 27001 Supplier
    • PCI DSS for Service Providers


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