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Make a move to better hosting...

Moving web hosting is easy if you're a web professional or have done it before but Pipe Ten understands not everyone is a developer, designer, über geek or that it may not be the most efficient use of your time.

Migration Services

Site or Server
Pipe Tens' experienced team of web application specialists has migrated hundreds of servers and many thousands of websites for both itself and its customers, and are on hand to make your hosting move stress and downtime free.
Comprehensive Testing
Before moving your live website, it will be extensively tested and be made available to test separately on your new Pipe Ten account. Only when all parties are satisfied will your live settings be updated and the website formally migrated; ensuring the minimum period of unavailability.
Free or Paid
Every website is slightly different and so is each migration. One of Pipe Ten's team of web application specialists will review your site(s) and suggest the best approach and any potential cost.

Jamie Moynahan“We can help you switch hosting providers without downtime, complexity or stress. Complete the enquiry form for your free website review.”

Jamie Moynahan, Support Manager