Client VPN

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Client VPN

Client VPN

Connect safely and securely from your administrative or development computers to your servers with both free and paid Client VPN services from Pipe Ten.
Open VPN

Protect sensitive data while in transit

High Level Security
Protect all outgoing and incoming data between client and server, VPN creates a secure encrypted tunnel over which data can securely travel.
Easy to Use
Login to our OpenVPN Access Server portal, download and run the software and get protected within seconds. No manuals, no fuss, immediate security.
PCI & Other Compliance
Private VPN services feature two-factor authentication support, allowing secure PCI compliant communication to your cardholder environment.
Access from Anywhere
Use hotel or conference WiFi? Mobile broadband? Internet cafe? Constantly changing public IP? By using the VPN service you have a fixed IP to which service access can be allowed.
Supports all major Operating Systems
Windows (all modern), Apple (OSx/iOS), Linux (Ubuntu, Android, etc) are all supported, most with automated install ability.

Shared Client VPN

FREE VPN services for qualifying packages.
  • Shared hardware
  • Shared IP
  • 1x FREE user for all Enterprise, Empire, Cloud and Physical server customers
  • Otherwise £2 per month per VPN user
  • Global configuration & limited support


Bespoke Client VPN Services

per month
  • Dedicated virtual/physical hardware
  • Dedicated IP
  • Optional public access
  • Optional two factor authentication
  • Bespoke configuration & complete support

For other advanced server based VPN services, such as site-to-site VPN please contact us.

Matthew Scully“A secure local computer and a heavily secured server means nothing if you are communicating over insecure protocols, a VPN tunnel encrypts ALL traffic between.”

Matthew Scully, Hosting Systems Operations