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WordPress 4.9 – Feature Release

A new version of WordPress has been released, this release has many features added, developer resources revised as well as new widgets. We advise to update to WordPress 4.9 whenever possible.

WordPress 4.9

Some of the features this update brings include:

  1. Draft and Schedule Site Design Customizations
  2. Collaborate with Design Preview Links
  3. A Prompt to Protect Your Work
  4. Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking
  5. The New Gallery Widget
  6. …and many more!

To read the details about the features released please see the official WordPress release post

Updating WordPress is as simple as navigating to Dashboard → Updates and clicking Update Now or alternatively by downloading directly.
Your website may be up to date if your site supports automatic background updates, so in cases there may be no need to manually update.

As always, our thanks goes to the great community members and the amazing WordPress development team for their work.

Don’t delay, upgrade today!