Legacy web hosting replacement options

3 January 2023 - by Jamie

We’ve been delivering Windows/Linux multi-server web hosting solutions using the same control panel since 2002. Over all these years, we have kept it constantly available, patched, and modified with new features, but using it to deliver the latest web technologies is becoming more challenging. As such, while existing websites will continue to work as expected, that control panel is considered legacy, software versions will not be updated, and it will eventually become unsustainable.

Over this past year, using our experience from those last 20 years, we’ve been planning and developing the solutions to take you and us forward for the next 20 with two new core services:

Our application-optimised servers focus on running specialist software like WordPress, Drupal, Moodle, and Magento. These PCI DSS-compliant and ISO/IEC 27001-certified application packages are ideal for running e-commerce websites, business applications, and heavy-traffic websites.

Our budget-friendly hosting packages fuse a brand-new hosting management platform with a modern control panel and cutting-edge infrastructure. We’ve listened to your feedback and designed the system from the ground up with simplicity, security, and speed in mind. With free SSL certificates, PHP versions from 8.1 back to 5.6, SSH, composer, git, wp-cli, and many other features, it is the ideal replacement for your existing legacy hosting package.

We can also ease the migration process from one platform to another, making it a smooth transition with little to no downtime for your website, email, or applications.
If you want to know more about any of the above services or which packages might be best for your needs, please raise a ticket from your existing hosting control panel today.