What's included...

Full/Default Features List
  • Private mail service for small-medium business
  • Fully managed and supported
  • UK Company, UK Staff, UK Secure Data Centers
  • Dedicated resources.
  • Auto-scaling for performance.
  • Subject to Mail Policy and full AUP+TOS+SLA
  • Domain Aliases
Per Package
  • Dedicated VPS in UK Data Center
  • 1 x Dedicated IPv4 with clean reputation
  • Roundcube SSL Webmail
  • Incoming SMTP(s), POP3(s) and IMAP(s)
  • Outgoing SMTP(s) and submission
  • Web SSL Control Panel for:
    • Billing
    • Support
For Admins
  • Web SSL Control Panel
    • Configure Domain Admins, Mail Server Optimisations/Features, Privacy, DKIM, Message Size
    • View Logs and Statistics
    • Manage Domains, Limits, Quotas and Relays
    • Plus all features of Domain Admins
For Domain Admins
  • Web SSL Control Panel
    • Add Aliases/Forwarders, Mailboxes, Domain Aliases
    • Change user Mailbox status, Quota, Password
For Users/Mailboxes
  • Web SSL Control Panel
    • Change own password
    • Control Temporary Email Aliases
    • Spam Filter Strength
    • Address Whitelist
    • Address Blacklist
    • TLS enforcement
Automatic / Manual Scaling*
+10 GB usable SSD mail storage
+10 Mbps data transfer
+1 Spam / Abuse Incident
£10 per month
£10 per month
£20 per month
£10 per month
Optional Extras
Offsite Backup with free restore
£1 per 1GB stored per month