Private Email Servers

Dedicated Email Servers for Business

Ultimate flexibility for business email

A fully managed email server hosting service on mail servers in a secure location, with a private operating system and dedicated resources being patched, maintained and monitored by a provider that you can trust. Host customer and business emails on mirrored/RAID1 SSD storage with no limits on domains, users or volume.

All the essential features

By default all dedicated email servers include POP3s, IMAPs, SMTPs, SSL Webmail and support for all modern third party email clients. An easy to use control panel provides admin, domain and user level controls allowing you to delegate responsibility or isolate for sub-customers.

Dedicated Email Server Hosting

  • Intended for existing and/or UK customers of Pipe Ten
  • 1 GB RAM and share of 2 processor cores
  • 20 GB usable SSD mail server storage
  • 10 Mbps inclusive data transfer
  • Automatic / Manual Scaling

Buy Now

£30per month

What's included...

Full/Default Email Server Features

  • Dedicated resources
  • Auto-scaling for performance
  • Subject to Mail Policy and full AUP+TOS+SLA
  • Domain Aliases

 Per Package

  • Dedicated VPS in UK Data Center
  • 1 x Dedicated IPv4 with clean reputation
  • Roundcube SSL Webmail
  • Incoming SMTP(s), POP3(s) and IMAP(s)
  • Outgoing SMTP(s) and submission
  • Web SSL Control Panel for support & billing

For Admins

  • Web SSL Control Panel
  • Configure Domain Admins, Mail Server Optimisations/Features, Privacy, DKIM, Message Size
  • View Logs and Statistics
  • Manage Domains, Limits, Quotas and Relays
  • Plus all features of Domain Admins

For Domain Admins

  • Web SSL Control Panel
  • Add Aliases/Forwarders, Mailboxes, Domain Aliases
  • Change user Mailbox status, Quota, Password

For Users/Mailboxes

  • Web SSL Control Panel
  • Change own password
  • Control Temporary Email Aliases
  • Spam Filter Strength
  • Address Whitelist
  • Address Blacklist
  • TLS enforcement

Automatic / Manual Scaling

+10 GB usable SSD mail storage
+10 Mbps data transfer
Optional Extras
Offsite Backup with free restore
£10 per month
£5 per month
£20 per month

£1 per 1GB stored per month